Angel Institute of Management is run by Angel Educational Trust, and it was started on 2008 by founder A.Manikandan. He has clean background of educated family and from his child hood onwards he thinking of making a trust to help poor children’s education. Slowly and steadily he developed this trust and its grown now like a big tree and students are the roots of it.Trust is giving 100% schorship for the bright students even after getting their education trust help them to get a better jobs from best companies in India also in abroad.

The trust is running by Management Members who are all giving their dedicated support and service to develop this trust and want to prove as top in the educational area. They are take care of all the areas like teaching, admin, campaigns , etc.,

S.No. Place Deposite Rs.(Not Refundable) Fees for Boys Fees for Girls
1. Coimbatore (Adithya Insitute of Technology) 13000 Per Year 3000 Per Month 3000 Per Month
2. Trichy (Mahalakshmi Engineering College) 7000 Per Year 3500 Per Month 3500 Per Month
3. Trichy (Sri Angels Auditor College [Womens]) 7000 Per Year 2600 Per Month 2600 Per Month
4. Dharmapuri (Shreenivasa Engineering College) 6000 Per Year 3000 Per Month 3000 Per Month